The perfect solution to make compliance easier

All risk management is now located in one single management tool. This makes your work easier, more reliable and more enjoyable.

One specific interface for each regulation.

Every regulation is different, but their approach is similar. We have built every interface following the same plan for you to always get a smoother experience.



The information on all your industrial equipment and their accessories is now all in one place. You have a clear view of your facilities and of the upcoming actions.



We guide you through the set-up of new equipment. All specifications are considered.



New pieces of equipment to purchase? A check-up to be done? Leave technical guides aside, simplification tools will do the trick.



You are instantly updated on regulation changes. Stop wasting your team reading the official papers, we will do it for you automatically and with a ready smile.

A unique experience with modules improved for your needs.

A smart dashboard to better understand your facilities.

Check the compliance of your facilities in real time. Have a broad vision or focus on one specific category or equipment.

Virtual visit access your facilities remotely.

Control and access your entire work environment and equipment thanks to the 3D digital twin of your factory. Prepare on-site intervention and access all your equipment files (manufacturer’s notes, technical files, inspection records…).

Manage workload.

By entering your data on EALICO, you will know all your next compliance milestones. Planning actions becomes child’s play. EALICO’s expert network stands ready to work on your facilities at any time.

Have a clear view of your site.

All the information of your equipment is now stored in one place. Click on an equipment to view all the manufacturer, operating or regulatory data, download the life file or any relevant document. Looking for information has never been so easy and fast.

Handy tools.

Stop spending hours looking through legal documents to answer the questions: “Is this relevant to my equipment?” ”What is the frequency of controls?” “Is this intervention relevant?”. That’s what tools are for.

Face regulatory controls with peace of mind.


All documentation in one place.

Access manufacturer files, intervention reports, safety data sheets (SDS), and all documents relevant to the compliance management of your facilities from anywhere.


Traceability everywhere, at all times.

Keep at hand the history data of all interventions – inspection, modification… – made on your equipment.


Access the life file of any equipment in the blink of an eye

Access a life file that can be exported to Excel format and printable, that contains all the specifications of your equipment, the required fluids, inspection remarks… available all the time.


All data can be exported to Excel format.

Whether to present a follow-up table to the competent authorities, to import data to excel or to analyze your data as you wish, you may export all data as Excel at any time.